Promoting a new vision for planet Earth and all of its species!

We have a new vision for planet Earth and all the species of beings who live on it: a vision in which human and non-human animals share this planet in peace and harmony. We want to show this vision to the world, and make it a reality. We believe that this Earth belongs to ALL the many species who live on it, and that they should all share its wonderful resources equally. The human race, instead of dominating and harming all the other species, and the planet itself, should take responsibility and protect them all. Since it's our planet, but theirs too!
We promote this vision through the following projects and activities:

1. The Declaration of Animal Rights
Based on previously-existing texts, with new original additions, the Declaration of Animal Rights is written on a 50-foot paper scroll, which has been traveling around the US and gathering people's personal notes and signatures. Once we have thousands of signatures on it, we intend to send it to the President of the US and other world leaders, to show them what we, the people, think about animals and their rights! In the meantime, it is presented in big animal rights events, and if you can't make any of them, you can sign it online! Click here for more info

2. The (US) National Animal Rights Day
We produced the First National Animal Rights Day (NARD1) event in the US on June 5, 2011, in Union Square, New York City. The Second National Animal Rights Day event (NARD2) happened on Sunday, June 3rd, 2012, also in Union Square, NYC. The Next one, the Third National Animal Rights Day (NARD3) will take place on JUne 1, 2013, in various locations! So don't be a "Nard", and join us! Click here for more info

3. Animal rights and vegan outreach
We bring our table to various events, and give out literature about animal rights and why a plant-based (vegan) diet and lifestyle are not only good for the animals, but also for your health and for planet Earth itself! We also give out great vegan food samples, to show you how tasty it is, and how easy it is to find! Click here for more info