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Bear in the Sun – feature film script. Israel. 1998

Yigal is a junior member of a gang which performs petty acts of crime. He is a constant laughing stock for the other gang members, due to his heavy build, clumsiness, and lack of a real “spine”. He has a 7 year old son, whom he barely sees.

When the head of the gang is caught and put to trial, the rest of them decide to kidnap the judge’s daughter – Dafna, an unhappily married, yet successful, classy looking lawyer, in order to pressure the judge to acquit their boss.

Yigal is put to guard the hostage, and as the gang goes on the run from the police, a strange kinship forms between these two stereotypical opposites. When things get complicated and the gang decides to get rid of her, he fakes her murder and sets her free. In a last heroic act, which reveals his true character, Yigal sets the score straight with everyone, including with the man he has been so far.
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