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Beautiful World… - play script. NYC. 2006

This is the story of a man (Ben) who meets a woman (Elena) randomly and briefly one night, and the journey they take from that moment on, together and apart, through various interactions with each other and the world around them, to the moment of their final awakening and reunion.

Their journey goes through the layers of alienation, cruelty, and total lack of connection that seem to encompass all the objects and beings in this world, only to reveal the unity, connectedness and oneness of them all, that lie underneath. Like the rest of the myriad of souls that seem to be stuck together on this planet, Ben and Elena get to experience the ugliness and the grace that make this beautiful world

In the words of John Prine, from the title song:
"Beautiful world, beautiful world, sending me dreams, touching my hair, making me cry, so I know I'm alive, beautiful world, why do I hide?"
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