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Opening Speech of the 4th National Animal Rights Day, May 31, 2014
In a certain far away country, filled with Holocaust survivors - THAT is how the Holocaust Memorial Day begins. With a siren. That Holocaust, which we all refer to as "The Holocaust", was commemorated only a month ago, all over the world. Respected people made speeches, survivors told their stories, sad songs were played, a few tears were shed, and people vowed to never forget, and make sure it doesn't happen again: that one group of individuals, decides they are superior to all others, and with that "right" in mind, goes on to capture, abuse, enslave, torture, and kill, the members of another group, in a factory-like, efficient, well-oiled, brilliant, but hidden, system.

And as the speeches were made, and the fine words were said, and the tears were shed, and thoughts of "how could they??" permeated the minds of young and old alike; the same efficient, well-oiled, factory systems which we, the human race, have devised to capture, abuse, enslave, torture, and kill Billions of non-human animals, kept going on. They're going on right now, as we speak. Every moment of every day, every year, since man has decided that his species was superior to all others, and therefore its his right to enslave, use, and kill them. Just because they look different. Just because they don't speak our language. Just because they're there.

There is a silent Holocaust happening right now, under your nose, and these beautiful silent beings cradled in our arms here, are some of its victims. This Holocaust is silent to you, who are not aware, or don't know, or would not see. But it is far from silent when you go inside the concentration camps, the death camps, the transport trains, the barracks, the killing floors, the gas chambers, the crematoriums. They cry and scream and ask for help, in many languages and voices. It is said that their chorus of cries could drown out every other sound in the world. If you'd only care to listen.

But since you won't listen, and won't go to see, we will bring them to you. Take a look at these lifeless bodies in our hands - these are the victims of this Holocaust. Take a good look at them, and tell us that their torture and brutal death was right. That it was worth your meal. Or shoe. Or shampoo. Tell us that the miserable life and death of these individuals in front of you - who just like you loved to eat, play, sleep, poop and cuddle with their loved ones - were justified, because you needed a snack. Tell us that the miserable lives and deaths of MILLIONS of animals just like these, every day, are justified, because there is nothing else to eat. Tell us, and tell them, that it's OK. That's how things should be.

Mark our words: the human race will not know peace, nor happiness, nor tenderness, nor joy, until this Holocaust is stopped. YOU, WILL NOT know peace, nor love, nor happiness, nor joy, with yourself, your loved ones, and your children, until YOU stop the murder of their selves, loved ones, and children. Until you see the humanity, the sameness, YOURSELF, in these chickens, pigs, and cows, dogs, cats and rats, and reach out and stop the machines.

We, humans and non-humans alike appearing here as one, are here today, the 4th National Animal Rights Day, to remind you of that. And we will be here to remind you, year after year, with or without them, until you open your eyes...
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