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Suddenly It's Summer - short film script. Israel. 1996

Noam is a 24 year old musician who plays guitar in a rock band in Tel Aviv. He lives with his girlfriend Marie - a 28 year old French immigrant, former psychologist, now turned librarian at the French Institute, for a lack of a better job. Just as Noam is about to leave for the US with his band, for an important audition for a record label there, enters Philippe, Marie's ex-fiancé from France, who came to convince her to discard her unflattering present circumstances and go back with him to France. His arrival exposes Marie's frustrations and insecurities about her future: in this country, and most importantly with Noam. The doubts and tensions between everyone build up, and the explosion is inevitable…

Things finally get resolved in a sudden summery ending to this long stormy day.

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